Corinne Rae Mabus

droll carthian enforcer


Blood Potency: Notably stronger then yours.
Striking Looks 2 (???)

Tall, about 5’10", with long curves not quite concealed by practical and subtly sturdy clothing. Blue eyes, blonde hair; she’d be a vision of heartland heart-throb if it wasn’t for the predatory slant to her gaze and gait that other vampires can’t ignore, and the dry, knowing demeanor that tends to keep others off-balance.


She’s said she’s a ventrue and a carthian, and some kind of enforcer in Bloomington-Normal with some responsibility for ‘the Rack.’ (She forgot to explain what the Rack actually is.) She looks no older then our intrepid protagonist but keeps calling him ‘kid.’ Most other vampires he’s ever met deferred to her almost instinctively.

Elam Freamon is her great-grandsire.

Past that, who’s to say?

Corinne Rae Mabus

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